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Glen's Gleaming Windows offer a high quality Solar Panel cleaning services across Stroud district and surrounding towns and villages. We will provide you with a competitive price and a reliable high quality service to leave your Solar Panel glistening no matter the weather. 

If you need a regular clean or a one off service, we offer a free consultation to discuss with us both what you need and how often you require our service. The time-frames we offer is flexible to meet all requirements and budgets. We provide a reliable service all year round and we will even contact you in-advance of your next clean. This is all part of the overall service, but helps our customers to make arrangements for access before your appointment.

Payment can be made either in cash/BACs transfers or Direct Debits. You will then receive an email confirmation with your invoice attached. 

We use the reach and wash hot water systems to clean Solar Panels. The hot water system can be used all year round to make even the dirtiest Solar Panels sparkle. We use purified water to ensure that there are no streaks are left even after the job is finished. 

Window Cleaning Services - Solar Panel Cleaning

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